Colby United Methodist Church wants to recognize those in the greater Northwest Kansas region who are doing the work of making this a better area in which to live through selfless service to others, generosity of their time and skills to help those who need a helping hand, and make life better just by their smile, their presence, and their care.    Each month, starting in January 2020, one person will be selected for recognition as a person who “reflects Christ”. 


A person who reflects Christ will have these character traits:

  • Compassion for others, particularly the most vulnerable in our community

  • Selfless acts

  • Sacrifices his/her time for the sake of others, especially for those who can’t do for themselves

  • Advocate for equality all people, in his/her own way

  • Doesn’t do what he/she does for recognition

  • Values honesty, integrity, and lives as an example for others to follow

In order to nominate someone, use the link below to e-mail us!  Please be sure to give us the name of the individual, and why you feel that they #reflectChrist!


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