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 Who We Are

Organized in the same month as the city (July 1886) as First Methodist Episcopal Church, Colby United Methodist Church has been the presence of Christ in Colby for more than 130 years.  

Colby United Methodist Church is proud to be a member of the Great Plains Conference of the United Methodist Church in the Hays District.  

Call Statement

The people of Colby United Methodist Church are called to reflect Christ in Colby and beyond.

Just as Christ calls people, so too he calls the human institution created to worship and praise him as Lord and Savior.  As such, the people of Colby United Methodist Church are called to reflect Christ in Colby and beyond.


The building itself stands tall at one of the busiest intersections in town (Franklin and Pine).   Many civic, governmental, educational, and business leaders in Colby are members of the church, who use the Wesleyan understanding of the gospel through their work in the community.  Additionally, the church is committed to bettering the lives of those who are on the fringes of society--to seek out the "least, last, and lost"--as Jesus commanded.  This is lived out through intentional personal, small group, and community-wide action.

What We Stand For

Core Values & Vision

At Colby United Methodist Church, we believe faith is a journey we embark on at birth and continue throughout our lives.  Therefore, the leadership of the church is committed to the these core values: 

  • Hospitality: to welcome all to a place in life's faith journey

  • Quality Worship and Music: to make worship inspiring and meaningful

  • Outward Focused: both the physical and human resources God has blessed the church with are to be deployed and used as a blessing to the Colby community

  • Family-focused: families come in all shapes and sizes, as well as in all age groups, so the church is committed to providing faith-based opportunities to expand one's faith and build community in the process.


Our vision is that all who are a part of this community of faith will reflect Christ's presence throughout their life.

Meet the Staff

Committed to Reflecting Christ's Presence in their Workplace

At Colby United Methodist Church, our staff consists of an educated and credentialed pastor and support team committed to providing exceptional service to the faith community. They are the faces behind the daily upkeep of the church, and the main reason behind our ability to smoothly run community and church events and services.

Rodgers Chishiba


safe gatherings_edited.jpg

Kim Barnett

Administrative Assistant

Kim provides support for inquiries, staff, teachers, and volunteers.  Kim is the "go to" person for anything in the church.


Carrie Bredemeier


As church treasurer, Carrie makes sure all bills are paid in a timely manner, all of God's money given to the church is used for its intended purpose, and accurately keeps all accounts in the church's name.

Pat Z.jpg

Pat Ziegelmeier

Music Coordinator

Colby Community College's music instructor Pat Ziegelmeier coordinates all the musical aspects of worship each Sunday, plus can play multiple instruments as well.

Amy Jennings

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Puddle Duck Preschool Director

For nearly twenty years, parents have entrusted their preschoolers to Mrs. Jennings and her team.  Amy has made Puddle Duck the premier preschool option in Colby.

safe gatherings_edited.jpg

The staff and volunteers of Colby United Methodist are dedicated to offering your child(ren) a safe environment for their fiath journeys.  As such, key staff and volunteers have been approved through the Safe Gatherings program and been approved through a KBI background check.  Names with the Safe Gatherings logo by their name are currently certified through Safe Gatherings.  To learn more, click on the button below

Trish Starbuck

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Summer youth Program Director

Colby High School's art teacher, Trish Starbuck, provides a top notch summer program for children from third grade through eighth.

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