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Sheila Frahm

U.S. Senator, 1996

Lt. Governor of Kansas, 1995-1996

KS State Senator, 1989-1995

Majority Leader of KS Senate, 1993-1995

KS State Board of Education, 1985-1989

Senator Frahm was the first female to hold the title of Majority Leader of the Kansas Senate, and dutifully served Kansas in the United States Senate alongside Nancy Landon Kassebaum, making Kansas one of the first states to have two women Senators serving together.  

Of Colby UMC, Senator Frahm writes: “Being a United Methodist & a public official are a great combination.  Volunteering in the church organizations helped me to understand many varying views and to emphasize the importance of respecting those with views different from my own.  We will all benefit from such mutual respect.”

Samuel Ramey

American Operatic Bass

Mr. Ramey's accomplishments in American opera place him in rarefied air.

He has performed in such cities as: Paris, New York, Berlin, Hamburg, Milan, Vienna, and San Francisco.

A 1960 graduate of Colby High School, Mr. Ramey first shared his gift for singing in the church choir during his high school years.  He writes: "The church choir gave me a musical outlet which I enjoyed very much."

Michael Schanke

KWCH Anchor

Jemelle Holopirick

Former KAKE Good Morning Kansas Host

Both Michael and Jamelle, whom thousands of Kansans count on for accurate and insightful news reporting, attended Colby UMC during their youth.  Both of these reporters are known for their integrity and compassion; traits that are also a part of the Christian walk.

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