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"Faith without works is dead," reads James 2:20.  As such, " Church without mission is dead."
Listed in this section are Colby United Methodist Church's missions as a way of living out what James 2:18 says: "Show me your faith and I'll show you my works."



Every winter, usually between the last week of December and the first week or so of January, Colby United Methodist Church sponsors a trip to Honduras.  There, the group worships God through using our hands and feet to help people in a remote village find fresh water to use for their village.  This annual project, literally saves lives as well as changes the community's future.  Each year, the project may change to building a school or a home for teachers.  Regardless of specific task, the work done by the people of God brings them new life and hope for their future in real and tangible ways

Testimonial about Honduras - Boyd Funk
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Camp Lakeside

Colby United Methodist is actively involved in maintaining and improving Camp Lakeside.  The camp is about a 45 minute drive from Colby, near Scott City, KS.  


Every spring (dates vary depending on spring break, camping season, other commitments at the campsite, and weather) people from Colby UMC go to the camp adjacent to Scott Lake to prepare it for the camping season.  Throughout the summer months, kids from all over the region come to Camp Lakeside for an encounter with nature, with strangers who quickly become friends, and most importantly, with Christ.  Every year, kids come to know Christ on a personal level and accept him into their heart.

Watch the slideshow below to see what types of projects the church does.


For more information about this annual mission project, please contact the church office.  

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Neighbors Helping Neighbors Request Form

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Have an odd job around the house that needs to be done, but you can't do it?  The church has a mission team for that.
Contact the church to see if your project/job fits within our guidelines to be done.  Funds are sometimes available for those in need where risk of injury is great.  
No job is too small, as the project really is showing the love of Jesus to all.

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Genesis Food Bank

Genesis Food Bank serves residents of Thomas County.  It is open to the public on Wednesdays from 9:00-12:00 and 1:00-4:00.  
Additionally, Christmas baskets are distributed to residents during December so every family can have a Merry Christmas.
Genesis is a member of the Kansas Food Bank.  There are guidelines for food distribution based on household size and frequency of visits.  Please stop by or call for more information.
It is located at 350 S Range, inside the Thomas County Services building.  
Phone # is 785-460-7930.

Fresh Produce
Lunch Break

Summer Food Service Program

Every summer, Colby United Methodist Church partners with the Thomas County Health Department and Colby Public Schools to provide a free lunch to anyone 18 or under.  The sack lunch meets the USDA food guidelines so that parents and grandparents can be assured their child(ren) are receiving a nutritious and delicious meal.  Lunches are served from 12:00-1:00 Monday-Thursday in fellowship hall from June through mid-August.  Specific dates vary from year to year, depending on the school calendar.  Check back in the spring to see the specific serving days.

Disaster Relief

The United Methodist Church is a worldwide leader in providing compassion ministries to those in need, especially at times of natural disasters.  In our own state the Great Plains United Methodist Disaster Response Team stayed in Mulvane for more than two years following the devastating floods there.  

Currently, we are in the city of Eureka, helping for the second time in as many years, following the tornado that ripped through the Greenwood County seat.  Click here


Additionally, the global United Methodist Church is actively involved around the world providing relief ministries to victims of earthquakes, hurricanes, mudslides, and other multinational disasters.  UMCOR, or the United Methodist Committee on Relief, stays where it is needed, until the job is done.  Long after the cameras leave and other relief agencies depart, the presence of Christ's healing remains through this relief agency.  100% of funds donated to UMCOR go directly to the designated fund area.  Each local United Methodist Church provides the administrative costs each year; thus, it does not count on disasters to occur in order to fund its operating budget.  A $10 donation means $10 is placed in the hands of those who need it.  Secular organizations can take up to 25% of all disaster-related donations for their "administrative" costs.  The church does not profit off from someone else's displacement.

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Imagine No Malaria

The worldwide United Methodist Church has made eradicating malaria off the face of the earth has one of its global goals to change lives in the name of Jesus.

Click this link to see the latest information and ways the church is ending this fatal disease throughout the world.

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Helping Paws

Helping Paws is a program designed to help those in need.  During troubling times, some are forced between feeding themselves and feeding their furry family members, this ministry is designed with this in mind.  If you would like to contribute to this ministry, please contact us!

Be A Blessing

Be a Blessing is to support members and regular attenders with simple home repair, simple outdoor work, or other minor issues that independent living can cause for those with limited resources and physicality.

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Be a Blessing Request Form

Dillon's Community Rewards

Dillon's Community Rewards are an easy way to help support the missions of Colby United Methodist Church.  Simply link your shopper's card to the church's account and Dillon's gives a portion of your grocery bill to the church for its mission projects.


Amazon Smile Rewards

A portion of your Amazon purchases can be donated to the church! 

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